SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Statistical operations in Survo
  D = Representation of data sets (DATA specification) 
  S = Selecting variables and observations 
  O = Results of statistical analyses 
  V = Transformations of variables (VAR,TRANSFORM,CLASSIFY,LINCO,SMOOTH) 
  H = Frequency distributions, histograms, fitting distributions (HISTO) 
  M = Multiway tables (TAB) 
  A = Analysis of variance (ANOVA) 
  L = Generalised Linear Models (TABFIT,GENREG) 
  B = Basic statistics (STAT, STATMSF, MINSTAT, Making samples) 
  C = Means, standard deviations and correlations (CORR) 
  J = Probability distributions 
  T = Statistical tests 
  R = Linear regression analysis (LINREG,REGDIAG) 
  E = Nonlinear estimation and regression analysis (ESTIMATE) 
  P = Multivariate analysis 
  U = Time series analysis, Survival analysis 
  G = Graphical methods (PLOT) 
  X = General information on the Survo Editor 

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