SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Transformation of variables in Survo data sets:

VAR operation:
  1 = Simple transformations (type 1) 
  2 = Composite transformations (type 2) 
  3 = Lags and leads in transformations 
  4 = Generating random variates 
  5 = Special transformations (#RANK,#NORMAL,#STD,etc.) 
  6 = Using additional data sets (or matrices) in the VAR operation 
  7 = Transformation of string variables 
Other operations:
  V = VARSTAT operation 
  T = Same transformation for many variables simultaneously (TRANSFORM) 
  C = Classified variables (CLASSIFY) 
  L = Linear combinations of variables (LINCO) 
  S = Smoothing of data (SMOOTH) 
  M = Moving averages, cumulative sums, etc. (SER) 
  P = Products of powers (POWERS) 
  F = Code conversions of string fields in data files (FILE CONVERT) 
  D = More information on data management 

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