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Statistical tests in Survo:
Many of the general statistical operations in Survo provide test statistics
and P values for them.

For special operations making separate tests for samples,
see following alternatives:

  1 = COMPARE for univariate parametric and non-parametric tests 
  2 = Simple examples of using COMPARE 
  3 = TABTEST for various tests related to two-dimensional tables of frequencies 
  4 = Comparing multivariate samples 
  5 = MNTEST for various tests for multivariate normality 
  6 = CORRTEST for testing correlation coefficients 
  7 = /X2 for X^2 test in a two-dimensional table of frequencies (Tarkkonen, KV) 
  8 = RUNTEST for testing randomness (Wald-Wolfowitz test etc.) 

  M = Making samples 
  S = More information about statistical operations 

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