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How to use Survo?

The unique concept of editorial approach means that all functions of Survo are controlled by its own text editor. The way of working is immediate and efficient: results appear at the same area, called the edit field, where functions are activated, and where the user can freely write text. This makes it possible to document the jobs automatically, and as precisely as needed.

Simple (and a bit more demanding) examples

The Tour beginning from this page demonstrates by small examples how to use Survo. In each example there is an edit field, which includes work schemes with explanations. By activating the work scheme, an answer is obtained in a form of a number or a larger entity within the same work scheme. Certain activations open additional graphics windows.

Each example shows the situation before and after the activations as follows:

Beginning status (before activation):
   1 *
   2 *       2+2=  
   3 *

Ending status (after activation):
   1 *
   2 *       2+2=4 
   3 *

For illustration, the position of the cursor at the time of the imagined moment of activation is marked and highlighted as shown above. The real activation in Survo is performed either by mouse or keyboard.

The examples are condensed, genuine situations of using Survo. Typically, especially professional users, create remarkably larger entities.

Survo Tour

The Tour gives a picture of the editorial approach, but it covers only a small part of the application areas of Survo. For illustrativeness, in many examples the statistical data sets are presented as tables in the edit field. In reality, data sets in Survo are managed in a form of special data files. It is quite handy to analyse even huge data files with Survo.

The first example displays a good test for convenience of any computing program. From that, the examples proceed also to a bit more demanding situations.

Start the tour here!

The Tour consists of ca. 30 examples. Browsing through them, you will finally return back to this page.

Try it yourself!

The best way to become acquainted with Survo is to download the demo version, and try how the editorial interface works for you. The demo version includes a number of ready-made models and examples to start with. Using your inventiveness and imagination you will soon create your own, personal way of working with Survo.

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