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Viewing the website of Survo

This page contains mostly technical details for those who are interested in web authoring. The general message is that the website of Survo is well viewed with any browser. You do not have to be familiar with the terms on this page to view the website or use Survo.

Building the website

The website of Survo (www.survo.fi) is built with Survo itself. The structure is designed and defined by its HTML interface, applying the HTML 4.0 Transitional Document Type Definition, which is given by the World Wide Web Consortium. To be precise, the HTML files are generated by the PRINT operation of Survo (SURVO MM). They are not edited manually, as there is no need for that. Maintaining of the site is rather easy, as the original documents are defined within Survo, and the HTML files are just "printed out".

More standards, less harm

The appearance of a website depends on numerous things, such as:

In World Wide Web, none of these can be known a priori. If a web author tries to fix any of these, or rely on any particular properties, trouble will follow sooner or later. Thus it is much better stick to standard representations and simple design, instead of a complicated mess of things that may look good on the designer's table.

The website of Survo can be viewed with any combination of the properties above. The visual appearance of the site is obtained mainly with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). As a flavor, a bit of JavaScript is used, but the usability of the site does not depend on it.

Viewed with any browser

Especially, the website of Survo can be viewed with any browser. This includes pure text browsers, e.g. Lynx and mobile devices such as Nokia Communicator, as well as various old browsers and even browsers of the future, which are not there yet. Among the most important "browsers" are the quiet search engine robots, who favor structured design and do not care of fonts or colors.

On the current graphical browsers, the site looks better the more the browser supports CSS. In this sense, the best browsers seem to be Internet Explorer 6/Win, Internet Explorer 5/Mac, Mozilla, Netscape 6, and Opera 6. In any case, the usability of this website is high, which is the main point here.

Have a nice browsing experience while visiting the website of Survo!

Kimmo Vehkalahti webmaster'at'survo.fi

Sivusto suomeksi (in Finnish): www.survo.fi   English website: www.survo.fi/english  
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