Environment for creative processing of text and numerical data

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Survo glossary

Various names of commands, specifications, and general terms related to Survo are listed alphabetically. Types of terms are given in parentheses.

The list includes references to keywords of the Survo help system. For example, in the item

     Control of graphics windows (GPLOT?:4)
the text in parentheses means that that information is found by activating the command GPLOT? and thereafter by selecting item 4.

This glossary is presented also in the START field which is usually loaded when SURVO MM is started. The START field can also be entered by clicking the soft button START and selecting the item 1. Then keywords can be activated among the text

which leads to the text telling about that keyword if it exists.



 - (command) for moving between headers in the edit field (JUMP?)
 Accuracy in numerical computing (ACCURACY? MULTIPLE?)
/ACTIVATE (sucro) activates series of commands automatically.
 Activation of variables in data files (FACTIV? AF6? MASK? VARS?)
/AGGRDEMO (sucro) displays how FILE AGGR operation is used.
/AGGRE (sucro) for aggregation of observations (K.Vehkalahti)
 Aggregation (AGGRE?)
    Means and sums (FILE AGGRE) (AGGRE?)
    Various functions conditionally (FILE AGGR) (AGGR?)
    Typical applications (/AGGRE?)
 Aggregation of data files (AGGRE?)
/ALARM (sucro) makes an alarm at a given time point.
 Analysis of variance (ANOVA?)
 Analytic derivatives (DER?)
 Anderson-Darling test for normal distribution (COMPARE?)
 Andrews' function plots (ANDREWS?)
 ANGLE (specification) gives the start angle in pie charts.
 Angle measures (MEASURES?:5)
 ANOVA (operation) for analysis of variance and covariance (M.Korhonen)
 ARIT (operations) for multiple precision calculations (MULTIPLE?:2)
 Arithmetic mean -> Mean numbers (MEANS?)
 Arithmetics (ARIT? TOUCH?)
 Arrow keys in moving the cursor in the edit field (KEYS2?)
 Auto and cross correlations (XCORR?)
 Auto correlations (XCORR? STAT?)
/AUTOLOAD (sucro) loads a spare copy of the current edit field.
 Automatic factor analysis -> /FACTOR
 Automatic regression analysis (REGRES? /STEPREG) (M.Karpoja)
/AUTOSHOW (sucro) shows a spare copy of the current edit field.
 AXES (specification) for translation of coordinate axes (PLOT?)


 Bar charts (BAR?)
 Bar charts (PLOT?:1)
/BARPLOT (sucro) plots bar charts using various colors (K.Vehkalahti).
 Beta distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
 Binary numbers (CONV?:4, COMB?:C:6)
 Binomial distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
 BINORM (specification) plots contour curves of a two-dimensional
           normal distribution in scatter plots.
 BLOCK (key alt-F4) for processing rectangular blocks in the edit field
/BOX (keyboard sucro) for drawing boxes with graphic characters.
 Box drawings (FRAMES? LINES?)
 Box-and-whisker plots (/BOXPLOT?)
/BOXCOX (sucro) for the Box-Cox transformation of the dependent variable
/BOXPLOT (sucro) draws boxplot graphs (K.Vehkalahti)
/BUFFON (sucro) simulates Buffon's needle experiment.
 BURT (operation) for making Burt's tables (K.Vehkalahti)
/BURT (sucro family) for editing of Burt's tables (K.Vehkalahti)
 Burt's tables (BURT?)


/C (key sucro) converts lower case letters to upper case.
 C operations (C+,C*,C-,C/,C%,Cfunction) for computing new columns
 CALENDAR (operation) for calendar management (K.Vehkalahti)
 Calendar functions (CALENDAR?)
/CANCORR (sucro) for canonical correlations
 CANON (operation) for canonical correlations including elimination
           of nuisance variables
 Canonical analysis and correlations (CANON?)
 CASES (specification) for selecting cases according to a string variable
 CD (command) changes the data directory of Survo (K.Vehkalahti).
 Central limit theorem of independent random variables (CENTRAL?)
 CHANGE (command) for interchanging columns or rows in tables
/CHARFREQ (sucro) counts frequencies of characters in text files
 CHECK (command) checks whether a given file exists.
 Chernoff's faces (CHERNOFF?)
/CHI2 (sucro) for X^2 test of a table of frequencies (L.Tarkkonen)
 Chi^2 distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
 Chi^2 test (TAB? HISTO? TEST?)
 Cholesky decomposition of a matrix (MATDEC?:C)
/CLARA (sucro) for cluster analysis by sampling (/CLARA EXAMPLE)
 CLASSI (operation) classifies observations in connection of multiple
           discriminant analysis, for example.
 Classical multidimensional scaling (MULTI?:9)
 Classified distributions (HISTO? TAB? STAT? STATMSF?)
 CLASSIFY (operation) makes classified variables.
 CLEAR (command) clears a part of the current edit field.
 Clipboard (CLIPBOARD?)
 CLUSTER (operation) for statistical cluster analysis
 Cluster analysis (CLUSTER?)
 CMYK color codes in PostScript (COLOR?:7)
 CODE (key alt-F7) for typing character not appearing in the keyboard
 Code conversions (CONVERT? CONV? CODES? SAVEW?)
 Code conversions in printing (PRINTCOD?)
 Codes (CODE?)
 CODES LOAD (command) for loading a binary file
 CODES SAVE (command) for saving a binary file
/CODESHOW (sucro) shows code files saved by CODES SAVE (K.Vehkalahti).
 Collecting lines -> Touch mode
 COLOR (command) for management of colors in the main window of Survo
 Colors (COLOR?)
 COLOR_CHANGE (specification) for changing colors in curve families
 Column arithmetics (L+?)
 Column space (of a matrix) (MAT?:BC MAXDET?)
 Columns, defining new ones (SET? COUNT? C+? VAR?)
 Columns, moves, deletions, etc. (CHANGE? INSERT? DELETE? TEXTCOLS?)
 COLX (command) for miscellaneous auxiliary tasks
 COMB (operation) for combinatorics (counts and lists)
 Combinatorics (COMB?)
 Commands and operations (OPER?)
 Commands, hiding (HIDDEN?)
 Commands, series PREFIX ESC (PREFIX?)
 COMPARE (operation) for comparing samples by various tests
/COMPARE (sucro) helps in comparing samples and "interprets" results.
 Conditional expressions (ARIT?:I)
 Conditional means -> Mean numbers
 Confidence ellipses, groupwise (/DCONTOUR?)
 Confidence interval for the mean of a normal sample (STAT?)
/CONFMEAN (sucro) counts and draws confidence intervals for means.
 Continuation key (PREFIX-J)
 Continuous activation of series of commands F2 ESC (ACTIV?)
 CONTOUR (specification) for contour ellipses in scatter plots
 Contour ellipses (CONTOUR?)
 Contour plots (PLOTCONT?)
 Control column (CONTROL?)
 Control column, effects in printing (PRINT2?:H PRINT2?:J)
 Control of windows (WIN?)
 CONVERT (command) for code conversions in the edit field
/CONVERT (sucro) converts letters to upper or lower case.
 Converting numbers from a base to another (CONV?:4)
 Convolutions of number sequences and disscrete distributions (MAT?:X)
 COPY (command) for copying lines in the edit field
 COPY (key alt-F3) for copying a single line in the edit field
 Copying (COPY?)
 Copying edit lines (AF3? COPY?)
 CORR (operation) for computing means, standard deviations, and
 CORR.M (result matrix) for correlation coefficients (CORR? MATRES?)
 Correlation coefficients (CORR? CORRMV?)
 Correlation diagrams (SCAT? DRAFTS?)
 Correlation matrix (CORR? CORRMV?)
 CORRESP (operation) for correspondence analysis
 Correspondence analysis (CORRESP? MCORRESP?)
 CORRMV (operation) for correlations and imputation of missing values
 CORRTEST (operation) for testing significance of correlations
 Cosine rotation in factor analysis (ROTATE?)
 COUNT (command) for creating columns of successive integers etc.
/COV (sucro) for computing the covariance matrix from matrices
           CORR.M and MSN.M
 COV.M covariance matrix (/COV)
 Covariance analysis (ANOVA?)
 Cross correlations (XCORR?)
 Cross tabulation (TAB?)
/CRPLOT (sucro) for creating correspondence plots (K.Vehkalahti)
/CSCAL (sucro) for classical multidimensional scaling
 Cumulative sums (SER? VAR? MATNORM?)
 Currencies (CURRENCY?)
 Cursor, moving (MOUSE?, Arrow keys, GOTO?, JUMP?)
 Curve plotting (CURVES?)


 D (command) -> DELETE
 D'Agostino's test for normality (COMPARE?)
 D32 (command) tells the total and available memory space of computer.
 Data (DATA?)
 DATA (definition) for data tables and lists in the edit field
 Data definition (DATA?)
 Data files -> FILE operations (FILE?)
 Data files, input, editing, etc. (FSHOW? FIEDIT? FEDIT? MFEDIT?)
 Data files, moving to matrix files (MATDATA?)
 Data files, moving to the edit field or to text files (FLOAD?)
 Data mining -> DISCO
 Data sets, various representaions (DATA?)
 DATAFIND (operation) for automatic recognition of tables in text files
 DATE (command) for general management of dates (K.Vehkalahti)
/DATE (sucro) types the current date
 Date and time (TIME1? DATE?:1 /DATE)
 Date management (DATE?)
 DCLUSTER (operation) for cluster analysis by the method of `medoids'
/DCONTOUR (sucro) for plotting the discriminant space with various
           enhancements (K.Vehkalahti)
 DD (command) for scanning directories and file management (K.Vehkalahti)
 DEF (definition) for text chapters in edit files
 Definition of data (DATA?)
 DELETE (command) deletes columns in the edit field.
 DELETE (key DEL tai F10) deletes a character.
/DELLIN (sucro) deletes edit lines accrding to the control column.
/DELRES (sucro) deletes the current output (results) file (K.Vehkalahti).
 DELTREE (command) for removing directory structures (K.Vehkalahti)
 Density functions (FUNCSTAT?)
 DER (command) forms the analytic derivative of a given function.
 Desktop operations (DESKTOP?)
 Desktop publishing -> Printing (PRINT? PS?)
 DEVICE (specification) gives the device to be used in graphics.
 Device drivers (DRIVER?)
 Differences (SER?)
/DIM (sucro) tells the dimension of the current edit field.
 DIR (command) lists names of files in the edit field.
 Directories, comparing (DM?)
 Directories, scanning (DD?)
/DIRSTAT (sucro) makes summaries of disk space in use (K.Vehkalahti)
 DISCO (operation) for knowledge discovery tools in data mining (R.Sund)
 DISCR (operation) for multiple discriminant analysis and classification
/DISCRI (sucro) for multiple discriminant analysis (MULTI?:6:2)
 Discriminant analysis (MULTI?:6)
 DISK (key F4) selects the Survo data path (PATH?:3).
 Disk drive/path selection (PATH?)
 Display attributes (F5?)
 DIST (operation) for computing distance matrices of observations
 Distance matrices (MULTI?:8)
 Distance measures (DIST?)
 Distribution functions (FUNCSTAT?)
 DISTV (operation) for computing distance matrices of variables
 DM (command) for comparing directories and file copying (K.Vehkalahti)
 Double-click activates the command indicated by the mouse.
 Durbin-Watson test statistics (LINREG? REGDIAG?)


 Edit field (FIELD?)
   automatic saving (AUTOSAVE?)
   box graphics -> /BOX
   computations (ARIT? TOUCH?)
   copying to a text file (SAVEP?)
   copying (COPY? AF3?)
   deleting contents (SCRATCH? INIT? CLEAR? DELETE? ERASE?)
   deleting lines (DELETE AF10?)
   inserting (INSERT AF9?)
   loading from an edit file (LOAD? SHOW?)
   merging/splitting (F6?)
   saving (SAVE? SAVEP? SAVEW?)
   saving to the clipboard (CLIPBOARD?)
   size (REDIM? INIT?)
   trimming -> /H (TRIM?)
 Editing binary files (CODES?)
 Editorial computing (ARIT?)
 Eigenvalues and vectors (general n x n -matrix) (MAT?:X:9)
 Eigenvalues and vectors (symmetric matrix) (MATDEC?:E)
 Element by element transformations in matrices (MATTRANS?)
/ELOPELI (sucro) is a teaching program about `Game of Life' (in Finnish).
 END (key) moves the cursor to the end of line.
 Entropy (STAT?)
 EPS (command) for management of EPS and PS files
 EPS JOIN (command) for combining PostScript files
 ERASE (command) erases selected characters from the edit field.
 ESC (key) for activation of commands (ESC?)
 ESTIMATE (operation) for non-linear regression analysis and estimation
 Excess (STAT?)
 Exchange of consecutive words -> /X
 Exchanging lines (CHANGE?)
 EXIT (key F8) for exit from Survo
 Exit from Survo takes place either by F8 or soft button EXIT.
 Exponential distribution (FUNCSTAT?)


 F distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
 FACTA (operation) for factor analysis (algorithms of Jöreskog)
/FACTOR (sucro) for automatic factor analysis
 Factor analysis (FACTOR?)
 Factor rotation (ROTATE?)
 Factor scores (FACTOR?:4)
 Factoring (FACTOR?:2)
/FCOEFF (sucro) for computing factor scores after orthogonal rotation
 FEDIT (operation) for input and editing Survo data files on forms
 File management (FILE?)
 FILE operations for management of data files:
    FILE ACTIVATE activating variables (FACTIV?)
    FILE AGGR     aggregation of observations (AGGR?)
    FILE AGGRE    aggregation of observations (AGGRE?)
    FILE COPY     copying of data files (FCOPY?)
    FILE CREATE   creating data files (FCREATE?)
    FILE DEL      deleting data files (FILE?:D)
    FILE EDIT     input, editing, viewing, searching (FIEDIT?)
    FILE INIT     setting empty observations (FINIT?)
    FILE LOAD     moving data to the edit field or to text files (FLOAD?)
    FILE MAKE     creating data files with a simple structure (FMAKE?)
    FILE MASK     setting attributes of variables (FMASK?)
    FILE REDUCE   reducing dimensions of a data files (FILE?:C)
    FILE SAVE     copying of text files to data files (FSAVE?)
    FILE SAVE MAT copying of matrix files to data files (MATFILE?)
    FILE SELECT   copying observations using a selection file (FSELECT?)
    FILE SHOW     input, editing, viewing, searching (FSHOW?)
    FILE SORT     sorting data files (FSORT?)
    FILE STATUS   listing the structure of a data file (FSTATUS?)
    FILE UPDATE   updating the structure of a data file (FUPDATE?)
/FILE-LOAD (sucro) for displaying individual data values
/FILE-SAVE (sucro) for saving individual data values
 Files, adding empty records (FINIT?)
 Files, copying (FCOPY? OS? DD? DM?)
 Files, creating (FCOPY? FCREATE?)
 Files, deleting (FILE?:D)
 Files, listing of the structure (FSTATUS?)
 Files, loading to the edit field (LOAD? LOADP? FLOAD? LOADM?)
 Files, protecting fields (FACTIV? AF6?)
 Files, saving, editing (FSHOW? FIEDIT? FEDIT? MFEDIT?)
 Files, sorting (FSORT?)
 Files, updating the structure (FUPDATE?)
 FILL (specification) for filling areas in plotting (PLOT? HISTO?)
 Fill colors (FILL? SHADING?)
 FILL(-1) (specification) for selecting colors in plotting (SHADING?:1)
 FILL- (specification) for filling 'negative' areas in  plotting (PLOT?)
 Filling areas in graphs (FILL? SHADING?)
 FILLS (specification) for management of fill areas (GPLOT?)
 Financial functions (ARIT?:L:F)
 FIND (command) for searches in the edit field (forward search)
-FIND (command) for searches in the edit field (backward search)
/FIT (sucro) for comparing log-linear models
 Footnotes in documents (FOOTNOTE?)
/FOR (sucro) activates a command with parameter values given as a list.
 FORECAST (operation) for automatic forecasting of time series
 Forecasting of time series (FORECAST?)
 FORM (command) for formatting of tables in the edit field
 Formatting (TRIM? FORM?)
 Formatting of multidimensional tables (TABT?)
 Fractiles (STAT?)
 Fractions, continued (INTREL?)
 FRAME (specification) for selecting frames of the graph
 Frames (FRAME? FRAMES?)
 FRAMES (specification) for plotting (painted) rectangles
/FREEDISK (sucro) for displaying the free disk space (K.Vehkalahti)
 Frequency distributions (HISTO? TAB? STAT?)
/FTCOEFF (sucro) for computing factor scores after oblique rotation
/FUNC (sucro) displays information about mathematical library functions.
 Function keys (F?)
    F1: HELP enter the help system (HELP?)
    F2: PREFIX prefix key (PREFIX?) -> PREFIX
    F3: TOUCH moving to the touch mode (TOUCH?)
    F4: DISK selects the next data path from a given list (PATH?:3).
    F5: FORM selects the next shadow (color) (SHADOWS?).
    F6: MERGE merges/separates lines in the edit field (MERGE?).
    F7: REF for setting and entering a reference point (REF?)
    F8: EXIT for exit from Survo
    F9: INSERT enter/exit insert mode in typing text (F9?)
    F10: DELETE deletes a character (F10?).
    alt-F1: restores the soft buttons.
    alt-F2: WORDS for moving parts of text in the edit field (WORDS?)
    alt-F3: COPY LINE for copying lines (AF3?)
    alt-F4: BLOCK for saving text blocks into the clipboard etc.(BLOCK?)
    alt-F5: SEARCH for stepwise searches in the edit field (SEARCH?)
    alt-F6: FILE ACT for activating variables in a data file (FACTIV?)
    alt-F7: CODE for typing characters not available in the keyboard
    alt-F8: (not in use)
    alt-F9: LINE INS inserts a new empty line (AF9?).
    alt-F10: LINE DEL deletes the current edit line (AF10?)
    F11,F12: for activating selected sucros (F11?)
 Functions related to theoretical distributions (FUNCSTAT?)


 Gamma distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
 GAP (specification) gives gaps between bars in plotting.
 Generalized linear models (GENREG? TABFIT?)
 Generating data from normal distribution (MNSIMUL? RAND?)
 GENREG (operation) for generalized linear models (GLM?)
 Geometric mean (STAT?)
 GHISTO (operation) for plotting a histogram in a graphics window etc.
 *GLOBAL* (definition) for a subfield of common specifications
 GOTO (command) moves the cursor in a selected point.
 GPLOT (operation) for plotting in graphics windows of Survo
 Gram-Schmidt decomposition of a matrix (MATDEC?:G)
 Graphical rotation in factor analysis (ROTATE?)
 Graphics windows (GPLOT?:4)
 Graphs (PLOT?)
 Greatest common divisor (GCD?)
 GRID (specification) for drawing grid lines in plotting
/_GSHOW1 (sucro family) for slide shows (/_GSHOW1-SHOW)
/GV-SHOW (sucro) displays a PostScript file by using the GSview program.


/H (key sucro) moves parts of words from line ends to the next line and
           vice versa.
 Harmonic mean (STAT?)
 HCLUSTER (operation) for hierachical cluster analysis (F.Åberg)
 HEADER (specification) for header text in plotting (PLOT?)
 Header for a graph (HEADER?)
 Header for a graphics window (TITLE?)
 HELP (command) starts the help system.
 Help facilities during a Survo session (HELP?)
 Help system, changing of (QPATH?)
 HISTO (operation) for histograms and fitting distributions
 Histograms (HISTO? STAT?)
 Histograms, fitting own distributions (HISTO2?)
 Histograms, fitting standard distributions (HISTO?)
/HLIST (sucro) for scanning of the help system as a list
 HOME (key) moves cursor primarily to first column, then to first line
           and finally to first position in the edit field.
 HOME (specification) for selecting the place of the graph
 Hotelling's T^2 test (MTEST?)
/HSEARCH (sucro) for searches in the help system (K.Vehkalahti)
/HTML (sucro family) for automatic management of HTML documents
 HTML documents (HTML?) (K.Vehkalahti)
 HTML pages, making (HTML?)


 I (command) -> INSERT
/I (key sucro) for inserting text in the place indicated by the cursor
 IFILL (specification) for filling an area from the starting point
           in curve plotting
 IND (specification) for selecting observations by numeric variables
 INDEX (command) for listing of files (K.Vehkalahti)
 INDEX /LONGNAME (command) tells the long name of a file.
 INDEX /PRINTERS (command) lists information about local printers.
 INDEX /SHORTNAME (command) tells the short name of a file.
 INFILE (specification) uses a ready-made EMF file as a background of
           the current graph in screen plotting.
 INIT (command) resizes the edit field and erases its contents.
 INSERT (command) adds new columns to a table in the edit field.
 INSERT (key INS or F9) enters/exits the insert typing mode.
 Integer relations of constants (INTREL?)
 INTEGRAL (specification) for normalizing the function to be plotted
 Integral functions, plotting (CURVES?:4)
 Integrals, numeric computation (ARIT?:J)
 INTERP (command) for interpolation of values in columns of tables
 Interpolation (INTERP?)
 INTREL (operation) for finding an exact expression for an approximative


/JITPLOT (sucro) for jittering in scatter plots (K.Vehkalahti)
 Jittering of observations in scatter plots (XJITTER? DRAFTS? /JITPLOT?)
 Julian calendar (DATE?)
 Jumps in the edit field (JUMP? GOTO?)


/KAL (sucro) for making calendars in Finnish (K.Vehkalahti)
 Kendall's tau (COMPARE?)
 Keyboard (KEYS?)
 Keywords and indexes in publications (INDEXPR?)
 Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (COMPARE?)
 Kronecker's product (MATCALC?)
 Kruskal-Wallis test (COMPARE?)
 Kurtosis (STAT?)


/L (key sucro) converts uppercase letters to lowercase.
 L operations for computing new rows of tables in the edit field (LCOM?)
/LABELS (sucro) hides/restores line numbers and the control column.
 Labels for rows and columns in matrices (MATLABEL?)
 Lags (LAG?)
 Large data sets, management of (LARGE?)
/LCDEMO (sucro) shows how to use LISTT COUNT operation.
 Leads (LAG?)
 Least squares
   fit (TREND?)
   scaling  (MDS?:2 )
   solutions (MATSOL?)
 Library functions (FLIBR?)
 LIFEGAME (command) activates `Game of Life' -> /ELOPELI
/LIFEGAME (sucro) for `Game of Life'
 LINCO (operation) for computing linear combinations of variables
 LINE (specification) for setting line type and width in plotting
 Line drawings (FRAMES? LINES?)
 Linear combinations, computing of (LINCO?)
 Linear equations (MATSOL?)
 Linear models  -> Regression analysis
 Linear models, generalized (GENREG? TABFIT?)
 Linear programming (optimization) (SIMPLEX?)
 Linear regression analysis (REGRES?)
 Linear regression analysis, model selection statistics -> /LMSELECT?
 Linear regression analysis, moving (MOVREG?)
 Linear regression analysis, robust (ROBREG?)
 Linearly independent vectors, finding (MAXDET?)
 Linearly independent vectors, finding -> Gram-Schmidt decomposition
 LINES (specification) for plotting series of lines (PLOTFR?)
 LINETYPE (specification) for setting the basic line type in plotting
 LINREG (operation) for linear regression analysis
/LIST (sucro) for browsing lists
 LIST operations for management of textual data bases (LIST?)
    LIST COUNT    counting frequencies of characters and strings (words)
    LIST MAKE     creating a list from a text file
    LIST REPLACE  replacing strings in lists
    LIST SAVE     saving lists in text files
    LIST SHOW     displaying and scanning of lists
    LIST SORT     sorting of lists
/LM-ANOVA (sucro) for regression diagnostics and graphics (M.Lahdenkari)
/LMSELECT (sucro) for linear model selection statistics (K.Vehkalahti)
 LOAD (command) for loading an edit field from an edit file (.EDT)
/LOAD (sucro) for loading an edit field from a given directory + CD
/LOADCORR (sucro) for enhanced representation of a correlation matrix
/LOADFACT (sucro) for enhanced representation of a factor matrix
 LOADM (command) types the contents of a matrix file in the edit field.
/LOADMSN (sucro) for enhanced representation of the matrix of
           means and standard deviations (K.Vehkalahti)
 LOADP (command) types the contents of a text file in the edit field.
 LOADW (command) as LOADP but with code conversion from Windows programs
 Locally weighted scatter plot smooth (LOWESS?)
 Log-linear models (TABFIT? GENREG?)
 Logarithmic mean for several arguments (LOGMEAN?)
 Logistic regression analysis (/LOGREG?)
/LOGREG (sucro) for logistic regression analysis (K.Vehkalahti)
 Long file names (DESKTOP?:N, INDEX?)
 Lowercace letters to uppercase -> /C
 LOWESS (operation) for locally weighted scatter plot smooths (J.Puranen)
 LSCAL (operation) for least squares multidimensional scaling
 LUE (command) for measuring readability and reading speed (in Finnish)


 Macros (MACRO?) See also Sucros
 Magic squares (MAGIC?)
 MAHAL (operation) for computing Mahalanobis' distances etc.
 Mann-Whitney test (COMPARE?)
 MARKOV (operation) for generating and analyzing Markov chains
 Markov chains (MARKOV?)
 MASK (specification and command) for selecting variables in data files
/MASTER (sucro) for letting another Survo to do a job (K.Vehkalahti)
 MAT (command) tells the dimensions and the internal name of a matrix.
 MAT SAVE DATA for saving data files in matrix files (MATDATA?)
/MAT# (sucro) gives a list of additional matrix operations.
 Mathematical functions (FUNCS?)
 Mathematical operations (MATH?)
 Matrices (MAT?)
 Matrices as data sets (MATD?)
 MATRIX (definition) specifies a matrix in the edit field (MATSAVE?:A)
 Matrix approximation -> MATRUN
 Matrix chains (MATCHAIN?)
 Matrix decompositions (MATDEC?)
 Matrix diagrams (PLOTMAT?)
 Matrix files (MAT?)
 Matrix files, intermediate results (MATRES? MATEXP?)
 Matrix files, moving to data files (MATFILE?)
 Matrix interpreter (MAT?)
 Matrix operations (MAT?:B)
 Matrix operations, normalizations and derived matrices (MATNORM?)
 Matrix programs, chains of matrix operations (MATRUN?)
 Matrix, loading (MATLOAD?)
 Matrix, saving (MATSAVE?)
 MATRUN (commands) for activating matrix chains saved on disk:
    MATRUN PCOMP?    Principal components from a data matrix
    MATRUN PCOMPR?   Principal components from a correlation matrix
    MATRUN PFACT?    Principal axes solution of factor analysis
    MATRUN SUM2?     Sums of squares for rows and columns of a matrix
    MATRUN FCOEFF    Coefficients for factor scores
    MATRUN FTCOEFF?  Coefficients for factor scores (oblique rotations)
    MATRUN SYMTRANS? Symmetric transformation analysis
    MATRUN CANON2?   Canonical correlations
    MATRUN CANON3?   Canonical correlations, elimination of nuisance vars
    MATRUN REGR?     Regression analysis by using SVD
    MATRUN APPROX?   Approximation of a matrix by a lower rank matrix
    MATRUN COMPRESS? Optimal projection of a set of points
    MATRUN DISCR?    Multiple discriminant analysis
    MATRUN PARTCORR? Partial correlations
    MATRUN CHI2?     X^2 test from a matrix of frequencies (L.Tarkkonen)
/MATSCAL (sucro) converts a 1x1 matrix to a scalar.
/MATSHOW (sucro) for displaying a matrix file in a temporary edit field
 Maximum likelihood estimation (ESTIMATE?)
 Maximum likelihood estimation in factor analysis (FACTA?)
/MCORRESP (sucro) for multiple correspondence analysis (K.Vehkalahti)
 MD (command) for creating new file directories (K.Vehkalahti)
 Mean numbers (MEANS?)
 Measurement scales (SCALES? FACTIV? RELIAB?)
 Measures for area (MEASURES?:2)
 Measures for length (MEASURES?:1)
 Measures for power (MEASURES?:6)
 Measures for pressure (MEASURES?:6)
 Measures for volume (MEASURES?:3)
 Measures for weight (MEASURES?:4)
 Measures for work (MEASURES?:6)
 Measuring reading speed in Finnish (LUE?)
 Median (STAT?)
 Medoid method for cluster analysis (DCLUSTER?)
 MERGE (key F6) for merging/splitting edit lines
 Merging/splitting edit lines (F6?)
 MFCOPY (operation) for combining of data files (M.Korhonen)
 MFEDIT (operation) for simultaneous editing of data files (M.Korhonen)
 MINSTAT (operation) for basic statistics in tabular form
 MINVALUE (specification) for truncating bars in plotting
 Missing data handling (CORRMV?)
 MISSLINE (specification) for interpolation of missing points
            in line graphs
 MNSIMUL (operation) for simulation of multivariate normal distribution
/MNSIMUL (sucro) for simulation of multivariate normal distribution
 MNTEST (operation) for testing multivariate normality
 MODE (specification) for the logical size of a graphics window (GPLOT?)
 Monte Carlo methods (VAR?:4 MNSIMUL? MARKOV?:1)
 Mother of all macros (PREFIX-J)
 MOUSE (specification) for interactive graphical interface (GPLOT?:S)
 Mouse, usage in Survo (MOUSE?)
 MOVE (command) for moving text blocks in the edit field
/MOVE (sucro) for moving text blocks in the edit field (K.Vehkalahti)
 Moves in the edit field (BLOCK? MOVE?)
 Moves to data files (FSAVE? MATFILE?)
 Moving averages (SER?)
 Moving text in the edit field (WORDS?)
 MOVREG (operation) for moving linear regression analysis (K.Vehkalahti)
/MSKEW (sucro) for testing multivariate normality by simulation
 MSN.M (result matrix) for means and standard deviations (CORR? MATRES?)
 MTAB (operation) for making multidimensional tables (M.Korhonen)
/MTEST (sucro family) for tests of multivariate data (MTEST?)
 Multidimensional scaling (MDS?)
 Multidimensional tables (TABT?)
 Multinomial distribution, probabilities (COMB?:C:8)
 Multivariate data, testing (MTEST?)
 Multivariate normal distribution, simulation (MNSIMUL?)
 Multivariate statistical methods (MULTI?)
 MULTVAR (operation) for variability measure in multivariate normal


 NCOPY (command) for copying n first bytes of a disk file
 Non-linear equations (ESTIMATE?)
 Non-linear equations in editorial computing (ARIT?:R)
 Non-linear models (ESTIMATE?)
 Non-linear regression analysis (ESTIMATE?)
 Normal distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
   Tests for normality (COMPARE? MNTEST?)
   Generating data from normal distribution (MNSIMUL? RAND?)
 Normalization of data (VARR?)
/NSIMUL (sucro) for simulation of multivariate normal distribution
            on the basis of a given data set
 Nuisance variables, elimination -> Canonical correlations
 Null space of a matrix (MAT?:BC NULLSPAC?)
 Numeric conversions (CONV? VAR?)


 Observations, selecting (IND? CASES? SELECT?)
 Odds Ratio -> Logistic regression analysis
 OFILL (specification) for filling an area from origin in curve plotting
 OPEN.SYS (system file) for links and cross references (OPEN?)
 Operating system, commands (OS? DIR?)
/OPETUS (sucro) starts a large tutorial on Survo (in Finnish)
 Optimal projection of a set of points -> MATRUN
 Order statistics (STAT?)
 Orthogonalization of a matrix (MATDEC?:G)
 OUTFILE (specification) for saving a graph as an EMF file (GPLOT?)
 OUTPUT (command) for selecting the output file
 Output device/file (OUTPUT?)
 Output files (OUTPUT?)
 Output, accuracy (ACCURACY?)
 Output, extent (RESULTS?)
 Output, general management (OUTCNTRL?)


 Page changes (PRINT2?:J)
 Page headers and numbers (PRINT2?:D)
 PALETTE (specification) for selecting color palettes in plotting (GPLOT)
/PALETTE (sucro) shows the standard colors in screen plotting
/PARAM (sucro) for changing Survo system parameters
 Parameter estimation of distributions and general models (ESTIMATE?)
 Partial correlation coefficients -> MATRUN
 Partitions, listing and enumeration (COMB?)
/PCOMPCOV (sucro) computes principal components from covariances.
/PCOMPR (sucro) computes principal components from correlations.
 PEN (specification) for setting text fonts and sizes in plotting (PEN?)
 Permutation tests (COMPARE? TEST?)
 Permutations, enumeration and listing (COMB? MATPERM?)
 PgDn (key) turns one page down in the edit field.
 PgUp (key) turns one page up in the edit field.
 Physical measures (MEASURES?)
 Pictures, drawing (PLOT?)
 Pictures, printout (PRINT2?:C EPSFILE?)
 Pictures, saving and joining (OUTFILE? INFILE? PSPLOT? EPS?:4)
 Pictures, types -> TYPE
 Pie charts (PLOT?:1)
 PIEBORDER (specification) for borders of sectors in pie chars (PLOT?)
 PLAN (specification) for setups of pie charts
 PLOT (operation) for plotting of graphs
    Boxes and straight lines (FRAMES? LINES?)
    Frames (FRAME? FRAMES?)
    Graphs in reports and publications (PRINT2? PS?)
    Grid lines (GRID?)
    Headers (HEADER?)
    Location of the graph (HOME?)
    Proportions of the parts of the graph (XDIV? YDIV? RATIO? SIZE?)
    Saving of graphs and overlays of them (OUTFILE? INFILE? PRINT2?)
    Size of the graph (SIZE?)
    Texts in graphs (TEXTS? XLABEL? YLABEL? HEADER?)
    Tick lines on the axes (TICK? TICKLEN?)
    Types of graphs -> TYPE
 PLOT /FRAME (operation) for plotting frames and graphs consisting of
            (filled) polygons and line segments
 Plotting of multivariate data (PLOTM?)
 Plotting of time series (SCAT?)
 Plotting on probability paper (PROBIT?)
 Plotting texts (TEXTS? XLABEL? YLABEL? HEADER?)
 Plotting, Borders of sectors in pie charts (PIEBORDER?)
 Plotting, changing colors in families of curves (COLORCH?)
 Plotting, color palettes in screen graphics (PALETTE?)
 Plotting, colors and shadings (SHADING?)
 Plotting, connecting consecutive points (LINE?)
 Plotting, gaps between bars (GAP?)
 Plotting, grid lines (GRID?)
 Plotting, legend texts in bar and pie charts (LEGEND?)
 Plotting, lines (LINE? LINES?)
 Plotting, move of points in scatter plots (LAG2?)
 Plotting, place of a graphics window (WHOME?)
 Plotting, place of the graph within a graphics window (HOME?)
 Plotting, polygons (POLYGONS?)
 Plotting, setup of pie charts (PLAN?)
 Plotting, sucros for composite plots (PLOTSUC?)
 Plotting, texts in bar and pie charts (LABELS?)
 Plotting, truncation of bars (MINVALUE?)
 Plotting, types of points in scatter plots (POINT?)
 Plotting, values in percentages in bar and pie charts (VALUES?)
 POINT (specification) for selecting the type and size of a point
            in plotting
 Poisson distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
 POL (command) is common forepart for POL operations.
 POLYGONS (specification) for plotting (filled) polygons (POLYGONS?)
 Polynomial equations (ROOTS?)
 Polynoms, operations for (POL?)
 POSDIR (command) for orientation of columns of a matrix
 PostScript printing (PS?)
 Power mean (STAT?)
 PREFIX (key F2) has an effect for function of the next key (PREFIX?).
 Prefix key (F2? PREFIX?)
 Prime factors (of integers) (CONV?:8)
 Principal axes (CONTOUR?)
 Principal components (MULTI?:2)
 PRINT (operation) for making printouts
    Chapters to be printed (DEF?)
    Code conversions (PRINTCOD?)
    Control codes, definition (PRINTDEF?)
    Control codes, using (PRINTINC?)
    Control column (PRINTCON?)
    Device drivers (DRIVER?)
    Footnotes (FOOTNOTE?)
    Keywords, index (INDEX?)
    Operating system commands in the PRINT list (PRINT2?:O)
    Page changes (PRINT2?:J)
    Page headers and numbers (PRINT2?:D)
    Pictures (PRINT2?:C EPSFILE?)
    Printing in a text file (ASCIITXT?)
    Redirection to another printer or to a file (PRINTTO?)
    Shadow characters (PRINT2?:K PRINTSHA? SHADOWS?)
    Text files (PRINT2?:B)
    Text to be printed, definition (PRINT2?:A,B DEF?)
 Printing to paper or to a file (PRINT?)
 Printing to text files (ASCIITXT?)
 Printing, control codes (PRINTDEF?)
 Printing, defining chapters (DEF?)
 Printing, effects of shadow characters (PRINT2?:K PRINTSHA? SHADOWS?)
 Printing, extra drivers (PRINTINC?)
 Printing, inserting text files (PRINT2?:B)
 Printing, redirecting to another (PS) printer or to a file (PRINTER?)
 Printing, selecting texts to be printed (PRINT2?:A DEF?)
 Printing, text files (ASCIITXT?)
 Printouts (PRINT?)
 Probability paper (PROBIT?)
 Profile plots (PROFILES?)
 Proportions of the parts of the graph (XDIV? YDIV? SIZE?)
/PS-PDF (sucro) for converting PS files into PDF format by
           the Adobe Acrobat program (K.Vehkalahti)
 PUTEND (command) puts a given string at the end of a set of lines.


 QPATH (command) for changing the Help system
 QR decomposition of a matrix (MATDEC?:Q)
 Quadratic mean (STAT?)
 Quantiles (STAT?)
 Quartiles (STAT?)
 Quartimax rotation (ROTATE?)


 Random variables
   Creating (CHANCE?)
   Random numbers (RAND?)
   Testing randomness (RNDTEST?)
   Testing randomness of 0-1 sequences (RUNTEST?)
 Randomized tests (COMPARE? TEST?)
 Ranks (VARR?)
 Ratios (converting decimal numbers into ratios) (CONV?)
 RD (command) for removing an empty directory (K.Vehkalahti)
 Readability of text (in Finnish) (LUE?)
 Reading speed measurement (in Finnish) (LUE?)
 REDIM (command) for redimensioning of the edit field without changing
            its contents
 REF (key F7) for setting a reference point and returning to it
/REF (sucro family) for management of reference lists (REF-HELP)
 Reference lists (/REF-HELP)
 Reference points in the edit field (F7?)
 REGDIAG (operation) for linear regression analysis and diagnostics
 Regression analysis (REGRES?)
   generalized linear (GENREG?)
   linear (LINREG? REGDIAG?)
   logistic (/LOGREG?)
   non-linear (ESTIMATE?)
   restricted (/RESTREG)
   robust (ROBREG?)
   stepwise (/STEPREG)
 Regression diagnostics (REGDIAG?)
 RELIAB (operation) for computing reliabilities of measurement scales
 Reliability (RELIAB?)
 REPLACE (command) for replacing a string by another (forward)
-REPLACE (command) for replacing a string by another (backward)
 RESIZE (command) for changing the row and column size of the Survo
            main window
/RESTREG (sucro) for linear regression analysis with linear constraints
 Restricted regression analysis (REGRES? /RESTREG) (F.Åberg)
 RESULTS (specification) for indicating the extent of results
 rnd (function) for generating uniform distribution on (0,1) (RAND?)
 RNDTEST (operation) for testing of random numbers
 ROBREG (operation) for robust linear regression analysis (R.Siren)
 Roman integers (CONV?:6)
 ROTATE (operation) for rotation in factor analysis
 Rotation in factor analysis (ROTATE?)
 Rounding of numbers (FUNCS? ARITACC?)
 Row arithmetics (C+?)
 RUNTEST (operation) for testing randomness of 0-1-sequences


 S (command) -> SHOW
/S (keyboard sucro) for simple typing of shadow characters
 Samples, comparisons (COMPARE? RUNTEST?)
 Sampling, random (MATEXT?:3,4)
 SAVE (command) for saving of the edit field
/SAVENOW (sucro) for direct saving of the edit field (K.Vehkalahti)
 SAVEP (command) for saving parts of the edit field to a text file
 SAVEW (command) as SAVEP but with code conversions to Windows programs
 Saving data in a data file (FSHOW? FIEDIT? FEDIT?)
 Saving text in files (SAVE? SAVEP?)
 Scalars in matrix operations (MATCONST?)
 Scales in graphs (SCALE? XSCALE? YSCALE? XSCALE2? YSCALE2?)
 Scatter plot matrices, groupwise (/MDRAFTS?)
 Scatter plots -> Correlation diagrams
 SCRATCH (command) for erasing the edit field from the command line
/SCREE (sucro) makes a graph of eigenvalues of a correlation matrix
 SEARCH (command) for searches for strings in disk files (K.Vehkalahti)
 SEARCH (key alt-F5) starts a search for a string in the edit field.
/SEARCH (sucro) for typical searches in disk files (K.Vehkalahti)
 Search facilities (SEARCH?)
 Searching (SEARCH?)
 Searching for a sequence of characters in vertical position (VFIND?)
 SELECT (specification) for general selection of observations
 Selecting colors in the main window of Survo (COLORS?)
 Semiparametric smoothing of data (SMOOTH?)
 SER (command) is the common forepart for time series commands (SER?).
 SET (command) copies a given text to several lines.
 SETUP (command) for changing the Survo system parameters
 SHADEMAX (specification) for setting maximum number of shades (colors)
            in bar and pie charts
 SHADING (specification) for fill colors in bar and pie charts
 SHADOW (command) for management of shadow characters
 Shadow characters, typing -> /S
 Shapiro-Wilk test for normality (COMPARE?)
 SHOW (command) for viewing edit files and text files
 SIMPLEX (operation) for linear programming (optimization)
 Simulation (VAR?:4 MNSIMUL? MARKOV?:1)
 Simulation of distributions (RAND?)
   rand functions (RAND?)
   Multivariate normal distribution (MNSIMUL?)
 Singular value decomposition (SVD?)
 SIZE (specification) for the size of the graph
 Size of the graph (SIZE?, WSIZE?)
 Skewness (STAT?)
/SLAVE (sucro) for doing a job prompted by another Survo (K.Vehkalahti)
 Slide shows (/_GSHOW1-SHOW)
 SMOOTH (operation) for semiparametric smoothing of data
 Soft buttons, Soft keys (SOFT?)
 SOFTKEYS (command) for selecting the soft buttons
/SOFTKEYS (sucro) lists macros defined in SURVO.APU file.
 Solving equations (MATSOL? ARIT?:R POL?)
 SORT (command) for sorting of lines of a table
-SORT (command) for sorting of lines of a table (in reverse order)
   data files (FSORT?)
   lines in the edit field (SORT?)
   variable length records (LIST?:5)
 Sound files (PLAY?)
 Sound, use in data browsing (PLAY?)
 Spearman's Rho (COMPARE?)
 Specifications (SPEC?)
 Spectral decomposition of a matrix (MATDEC?:E)
 Standard deviation (STAT? CORR? TAB?)
 Standardization (VARR?)
 Star plots (STARS?)
 STAT (operation) for basic statistics and frequency distributions
 Statistical methods (STATIS?)
 Statistical tests (TEST?)
 Statistics (STAT?)
 STATMSF (operation) for basic statistics
/STEPREG (sucro) for general stepwise regression analysis (M.Karpoja)
 Stepwise regression analysis -> Regression analysis
 Submatrices (SUBMAT?)
 Subsets, enumeration and listing (COMB?)
/SUCRO (keyboard sucro) helps in writing sucro programs.
/SUCROS (sucro) lists a selection of sucros used as tools in
            miscellaneous tasks.
 Sucros (SUCROS?)
 Sums (SUMS?)
 Sums of columns etc. (L+?)
 Sums of rows etc. (C+?)
 SURVO.APU file for system parameters (SYSTEM?)
 Symmetric transformation analysis (/TRAN-SYMMETR ?)
 SYSTEM (command) for setting system parameters during the session
 System parameters (SYSTEM?) defined in SURVO.APU file
 SYSTEM RESTORE (command) for restoring parameters of the main window
 SYSTEM SAVE (command) for saving parameters of the main window
 Systems of linear equations (MATSOL?)


 T (command) -> TRIM
/T (key sucro) trims a text chapter by a suitable TRIM command.
 t distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
 t test (COMPARE?)
 T2 (command) -> TRIM2
/T2 (sucro) for Hotelling's T^2 test for two samples
 T3 (command) -> TRIM3
 TAB (key) for moving the cursor to the next tab position
 TAB operations (TAB? TABT?)
   TAB    Making multidimensional tables (TABLE?)
   TABS   Changing the number of row classifiers (TABT?:S)
   TABM   Changing positions of two classifiers (TABT?:M)
   TABI   Changing positions of two classes of a classifier (TABT?:I)
   TABD   Deleting a classifier (collapsing) (TABT?:D)
   TABJ   Combining two classes of a classifier (TABT?:J)
   TAB+,TAB-,TAB*,TAB/ Arithmetical operations (TABT?:A)
   TABDIM Telling structure of a multiway table (TABDIM)
 TABFIT (operation) for log-linear models of frequency data
 TABLE (definition) for specifying a multidimensional table
            in the edit field
/TABLE (sucro family) for analysis of frequency data (/TABLE-README)
 Tables in the edit field (NUMO?)
    Computing new columns (SET? COUNT? C+? VAR?)
    Copying (COPY?)
    Formatting (FORM?)
    Interpolation (INTERP?)
    Matrices (MAT?)
    Moves of rectangular blocks (BLOCK? MOVE?)
    Moving and deleting columns (CHANGE? INSERT? DELETE?)
    Moving of rows (CHANGE?)
    Multiway tables (TAB?:3)
    Sorting (SORT?)
    Sums etc. of columns (C+?)
    Sums etc. of rowa (L+?)
    Transposing (TRANSP?)
 Tables of percentages (TAB?)
 Tables, making (TAB? AGGRE? MTAB? /TABULATE?)
 Tables, transposing (TRANSP?)
/TABMAT (sucro) converts a table of frequencies to a matrix file
 Tabs (KEYS2?)
 TABTEST (operation) for testing independence etc. in frequency data
/TABULATE (sucro) for cross tabulation (K.Vehkalahti)
 TCHLOAD (command) for loading the code of a touch chain (TOUCH?)
 TCHSAVE (command) for saving the touch chain (TOUCH?)
/TCHSHOW (sucro) for displaying the code of a touch chain (K.Vehkalahti)
/TDIFF (sucro) measures time elapsed in seconds (TIME1?)
 Teaching programs, making of (SUCRO?)
 Testing independence (TABTEST? /X2?)
 Tests (TEST?)
 Tests for normality (COMPARE? MNTEST?)
 Text blocks, moving (BLOCK? MOVE? INSERT? CHANGE? UPDATE?)
 Text column, converting to several ones (TEXTCOLS?)
 Text files, conversions (VARSTR?)
 Text files, copying to data files (FSAVE?)
 Text files, displaying and loading to the edit field (LOADP? SHOW?)
 Text macros -> System parameters (SYSTEM?)
 Text processing (TEXT?)
 TEXTCOLS (command) for converting a single column to a block
            of several columns
 TEXTS (specification) for additional texts in graphs
 TICK (specification) for plotting of tick lines
 TICK2 (specification) for ticks in secondary axes
 TICKLENGTH (specification) for lengths of tick lines
 TICKTURN (specification) for changing the direction of ticks
            in plotting
 TIME (command) gives the date and time.
 TIME COUNT END (command) gives the time elapsed.
 TIME COUNT START (command) starts time measurement.
 Time measurement (TIME1?)
 Time measures (MEASURES?:5)
 Time series analysis (TIMESER?)
 TITLE (specification) for labelling a graphics window (GPLOT?:S:4)
 TOUCH (key F3) enters the touch mode.
 Touch mode (TOUCH? F3?)
/TRAN (sucro family) for transformation analysis (/TRAN-README)
/TRAN-LEASTSQR for original solution of Y.Ahmavaara
/TRAN-SYMMETR  for symmetric solution of S.Mustonen
 TRAN1 (operation) for transformation analysis with various constraints
 TRANSFORM (operation) for simultaneous transformation of variables
 Transformation analysis for comparing factor structures (/TRAN-README)
 Transformation of time series (SER?)
 Transition probabilities in Markov chains (MARKOV?)
 TRANSP (command) for transposing of a table
 Transposing (TRANSP? MATCALC?)
 TREE (command) for browsing of directory trees (K.Vehkalahti)
 TREND (specification) for linear trend plotting in scatter plots
 Trend (TREND?)
 TRIM (command) adjusts the line length of texts in the edit field.
 TRIM2 (command) as TRIM but extends lines to a given length
 TRIM3 (command) as TRIM but hyphenates the words
 Trimming edit lines -> /H (TRIM?)
 Trimming of text (TRIM? PSPRO?)
/TRIMP (sucro) helps in type setting of text for printing
 Truncation and winsoring (VARR?)
 TUTDEL (command) for deleting a sucro from a fiel of sucros
 TUTLOAD (command) for loading the sucro code to the edit field
/TUTORS (sucro) lists old sucro programs made already for SURVO 84C.
 TUTSAVE (command) for saving sucro code to a sucro file
/TUTSHOW (sucro) for displaying sucro code in a temporary edit field
 TUTSTACK (command) for displaying the contents of the sucto memory
 Two-dimensional normal distribution
   Confidence ellipses (BINORM? CONTOUR?)
   Principal axes (BINORM?)
   Simulation (MNSIMUL?)
/TXT (sucro family) for conversions of text files etc. (/TXT-README)
 TXTCONV (command) for conversions of text files
 TXTCOUNT (command) for counting various characters in text files
 TXTRIM (command) for extending lines in a text file to equal length
 TYPE (specification) defines the type of the graph.
    TYPE=HBAR     Stacked horizontal bar chart
    TYPE=VBAR     Stacked vertical bar chart
    TYPE=%HBAR    Stacked horizontal bar chart in percentages
    TYPE=%VBAR    Stacked vertical bar chart in percentages
    TYPE=MHBAR    Multiple horizontal bar chart
    TYPE=MVBAR    Multiple vertical bar chart
    TYPE=%MHBAR   Multiple horizontal bar chart in percentages
    TYPE=%MVBAR   Multiple vertical bar chart in percentages
    TYPE=%AHBAR   As %HBAR but areas equal to absolute size
    TYPE=%AVBAR   As %VBAR but areas equal to absolute size
    TYPE=NHBAR    As HBAR but negative bars stacked to the left
    TYPE=NVBAR    As VBAR but negative bars stacked downwards
    TYPE=PIE      Multiple pie chart, size proportional to column sum
    TYPE=%PIE     Multiple pie chart, total area constant
    TYPE=CONTOUR  Contour plots of functions of 2 variables as a raster image
    TYPE=MATRIX   (Data) matrix as a raster image
    TYPE=ANDREWS  Andrews' function plots
    TYPE=FACES    Chernoff's faces
    TYPE=DRAFTS   Draftsman's display, matrix scatter plots
    TYPE=PROFILES Profile symbol plots
    TYPE=STARS    Star symbol plots
    -> Correlation diagrams
    -> Curve plotting
    -> Histograms
 Typing a character not available in the keyboard (CODE?)
 Typographical (printing) measures (MEASURES?:7)


/U (key sucro) for management of shadow lines
 Units of measurement and their conversions (CONV?)
 UPDATE (command) for updating lines of an edit file
 Uppercase letters to lower case -> /L


/V (sucro) for using and management of menus of jobs (MENUS?)
 Value labels in bar and pie charts (VALUES?)
 VALUEMIN (specification) for suppressing smallest value notations
           in bar and pie charts
 VALUES (specification) for values and percentages in bar and pie charts
 VAR (operation) for transformation of variables
 Variables, defining new ones (FUPDATE? VAR?)
 Variables, selecting (SELECTV? MASK? VARS?)
 Variables, transformations -> Transformations
 Varimax rotation in factor analysis (ROTATE?)
 VARS (specification) for selecting variables
 VARSTAT (operation) for simultaneous and special transformations
 VFIND (command) searching for a sequence of characters in vertical position


/W (key sucro) for rapid interchange of edit fields
 WAIT (command) for setting waits
/WAITREC (sucro) switches on/of waiting times in teaching programs.
 Waits in the edit field (WAIT?)
/WAITSET (sucro) adjusts the default speed of sucros.
 Wald-Wolfowitz test for comparing samples  (RUNTEST?)
 Weibull distribution (FUNCSTAT?)
 WHERE (command) for searching files in directories by their name
/WHICH (sucro) tells the path of a given sucro (K.Vehkalahti).
 WHOME (specification) for positioning a graphics window (GPLOT)
 Wilcoxon's test (COMPARE?)
 WIN (commands) for adjustments of the Survo main window
 Windows in Survo (WIN?)
/WINMAX (sucro) maximizes the size of the Survo window (K.Vehkalahti)
 Word continuing -> PREFIX J
 WORDS (key alt-F2) for moving parts of texts in the edit field
 Worm mode -> Touch mode
 WSIZE (specification) for setting the size of a graphics window (GPLOT)
 WSTYLE (specification) for setting the type of a graphics window (GPLOT?:S)
 WWW publishing (HTML?) (K.Vehkalahti)


 X (function) for spreadsheet computing in the edit field (XFUNC?)
/X (key sucro) interchanges consecutive words.
/X2 (sucro) for X^2 test in a two-dimensional table of frequencies
           (L.Tarkkonen, K.Vehkalahti)
 XCORR (operation) for auto and cross correlations
 XDIV (specification) for setting the division of picture width
 XLABEL (specification) for labelling the X axis in plotting
 XSCALE (specification) for the X scale in plotting
 XSCALE2 (specification) for selecting a secondary X scale notation
/XYSCALE (sucro) for selecting suitable scalings in plotting


 YDIV (specification) for setting the division of picture height
 YFILL (specification) for filling from Y axis in curve plotting
 YLABEL (specification) for labelling Y axis in plotting
 YSCALE (specification) for the Y scale in plotting
 YSCALE2 (specification) for selecting a secondary Y scale notation
 YSCALEPOS (specification) for moving Y scale notations in plotting


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