SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Working in tutorial mode:
A sucro can be defined at any time when working with the Survo
Editor. To initiate the process, the keys PREFIX and T are pressed which
leads to a prompt

   Sucro functions: S=Start definition, R=Run ?

appearing on the bottom line. After S has been pressed, another prompt

   Define a sucro: Name of file ?

is displayed. The user selects a file name like LESSON1  (.TUT is the
default extension) and thereafter the original situation on the screen
(before PREFIX T) is restored.
After this point all the user's actions (key strokes) will be saved in
the sucro file LESSON1.TUT until PREFIX T is pressed again and a prompt

   Sucro functions: E=End of definition, C=Control codes, R=Repeat

is displayed. By selecting E the sucro file will be closed and the new
sucro is ready for use. By R the new sucro will be repeated immediately.

The actions saved in a sucro file are automatically executed
either by activating the command
/<name_of_sucro>           ( /LESSON1 , for example)
or by pressing PREFIX T and selecting alternative R=Run.

  A = Automatic recording of waiting times 
  W = Writing a sucro program 
  S = More information on sucros 

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