SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

A sucro can be written in the edit field by using a special sucro language.
Below a tiny sucro program has been written an saved by a TUTSAVE command:
  10 *
  12 / This sucro inserts a new line and writes the current year on it.
  13 / Insert new line and move the cursor to the beginning of the line:
  14 *{ins line}{line start}
  15 / Write and activate TIME command:
  16 *TIME{act}
  17 / Return to the beginning of the line and delete 25 first characters:
  18 *{line start}{del 25}
  19 / Current year is obtained and the sucro ends:
  20 *{end}
Lines starting by /'s are merely comments. The actual program lines contain
text to be echoed and written to the edit as such (like TIME on line 16).
There are also various control words and statements written in braces.
A good way to learn more about sucro programming is to study existing sucros
(in directories <Survo>\S and <Survo>\TUT, for example)
by using the TUTLOAD command.

  S = More information on sucros 

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