SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

  SEARCH initiates a search in the edit field. The user is
      prompted to enter the characters of the search string one after
      another and the first occurrence of the string is shown
      immediately in each stage. The process is interrupted until the
      given string is not found anymore or by pressing ENTER.
      During the search, other cases are found by pressing ESC.
      (See also FIND?)
      F2 | works similarly but limits the search for words starting
      from the first column in the edit field.
F2 ALT-F5:
      works as ALT-F5 but the search goes backwards in the edit field.
      (See also -FIND?)

      A search can be started from a ready-typed keyword touched
      by the cursor. Then after ALT-F5 or F2 ALT-F5 press ALT-F5 again.
      A search can also be started from the keyword used in the previous
      search by pressing F5 after ALT-F5 or F2 ALT-F5.
      HOME takes to the beginning/end of the edit field, depending on
      the direction of the search.

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