SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

FIND <string> 
searches for occurrences of <string> in the current edit field
starting below the current (FIND) line. When <string> is found, the
cursor is pointing at the first character of <string>. The search may be
continued stepwise according to instructions given on the screen.
At the end, the number of cases found will be displayed.
Then, if `#' is pressed, this number is stored in the sucro memory.
If <string> contains spaces and/or commas, it must be given
in quotation marks as in FIND "SURVO 84C" .
Another alternative is to press the key SEARCH (alt-F5). Then the user is
prompted to enter the search string and the first occurrence of the string
found so far will be shown immediately. The process is interrupted
by ENTER .
The search can be restricted to an area between selected lines by LINES=L1,L2 .
Also strings with shadows can be searched for. Example: FIND SURVO  
  R = REPLACE (find <string> and replace with another) 
  B = Searching for strings backwards in the edit field 
  V = Searching for strings in vertical position (VFIND) 
  C = Case-insensitive searches 
  H = Heuristic searches by Levenshtein distance 
  S = Other means for searching 

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