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FILE MEDIT <data_file> 
FILE MEDIT <data_file> <medit_file>:<name_of_pages> 

is an general environment for displaying, saving, and editing
of Survo data files.
In the first form FILE MEDIT works like FILE EDIT but enables any
number of variables to be displayed and edited. Each observation may then
occupy one or more pages.
In the second form a user-defined layout of any number of pages
is employed. The pages are defined in an edit file <medit_file>.
Each page may contain fields for variables in <data_file> and
free-format textual comments. Comments may be conditional,
depending on the observation at hand. Also derived fields
containing functions of original variables may appear.
Furthermore sound effects, voice comments and graphical displays
can be inserted.
FILE MEDIT provides general checking facilities for data integrity
according to the needs of the user.
Search and other options are similar to those of FILE SHOW.
See also 


  1 = Introductory comments and examples 
  2 = Saving and editing data 
  3 = Derived fields and data-dependent comments 
  4 = Classifying and listing of observations 
  5 = Conditional moves between pages 
  6 = Conditional pages 
  7 = Special functions 
  8 = Variable-independent setups (MEDIT_VARS) 
  9 = Inserting graphics etc. to FILE MEDIT pages (sucro /MEDITS) 
  A = Background information from other data files (INDATA) 
  C = Checking data values (CHECK specification) 

  S = Advanced applications 
  O = Options 

  D = Data file management in general 

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