SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

plots multidimensional data as profile symbol plots.
Reference: Chambers,Cleveland,Kleiner,P.A.Tukey: Graphical Methods for
           Data Analysis. The Wadsworth Statistics/Probability Series, 1983
           (pp. 159-163)
Each observation of m active variables is represented as a broken line
connecting points (1,y1),(2,y2),...,(m,ym) where y coordinates are
the scaled values y=x/max(abs(x)).
Also the base line and the vertical side lines are plottted for each
The order of activate variables in the profiles is determined by the alpha-
betic order of their mask symbols and secondarily by their order in the
data set.
The general layout of the profile symbol plots in the plotting region is
the same as that of Chernoff's faces. The LABEL and FSIZE specifications
are available as well (See FACES?).

  M = more information on multivariate plotting 

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