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plots each observation of a multivariate data set as a curve

where X1,X2,... are (scaled) variables selected from <data>.
The variables involved as well as their scalings are determined by
a list following the PLOT operation:

VARIABLES:    A    B   Term
<name of X1>  A1   B1  1/sqr(2)
<name of X2>  A2   B2  sin(t)
<name of X3>  A3   B3  cos(t)

Each variable Xi will be scaled by using it in the form Xi'=(Xi-Ai)/Bi.
If Ai is replaced by a '*', the mean of the variable in the current data
will be used. Similarly a '*' as Bi implies the standard deviation to
be selected. A fixed scaling with constant Ai and Bi values A,B can be
given by a specification FSCALING=A,B and it overrides the values in
the VARIABLES list. For example, FSCALING=0,1 means that all the
variables are used without rescaling.
If the PLOT operation (with TYPE=ANDREWS) is activated without a
VARIABLES list, a model of such a list will be written in the edit
field below the PLOT line on request.

The PLOT operation for Andrews' curves is supported by the typical
extra specifications used in curve plotting (like HEADER,HOME,SIZE,FRAME,
However, neither scale transformations nor fills are permitted.

LABEL=<label variable>,<step>,<shift> 
is an extra specification determining a label variable (name) for
identifying each curve by a label to be printed on the curve with
regular intervals specified in # of plotting steps by <step>.
To avoid overlapping of labels, <shift> gives the distance between the
labels of consecutive curves in # of plotting steps. Parameters <step> 
and <shift> are optional and their default values are 30 and 4,

draws the Andrews' curves in polar coordinates and gives the results
in a layout similar to Chernoff's faces. Then the FSIZE and LABEL
specifications are used as in Chernoff's faces.
Parameter c is an optional additive constant in Y(t). Default is c=0.

  M = more information on multivariate plotting 

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