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EPS JOIN <>,A1,A2,A3,...
combines several Survo PostScript files made by PLOT operations into
one Survo PostScript file <>. Such target files can be combined
again by EPS JOIN and included in PRINT lists by  - picture  control
Files to be combined are referred to by any names (as A1,A2,A3,.. above)
in the EPS JOIN command. Each item must have a corresponding
specification giving the PS file name and relative x and y coordinates
of the left low corner of the graph. Default is <x>=<y>=0.
Also individual scaling coefficients can be given. Default is <kx>=<ky>=1.
The target file is not an EPS file, but it can be converted to such one
by EPS <>,<EPSfile> .

EPS JOIN2 <>,A1,A2,A3,...
does the same job but also adjusts the bounding box in non-overlapping case.

  E = More information on (Encapsulated) PostScript files 

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