SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

The results of statistical analysis in Survo can always be saved
in an text file or printed on the printer. The current output file
or device is selected by an OUTPUT operation of the form
OUTPUT <device or file> 
For example:
OUTPUT D:RESULT.TXT  / select file RESULT.TXT on disk D:
OUTPUT -             / no output device/file

The default OUTPUT file/device is set by 'eout' in the system file
Activation of OUTPUT without parameters merely displays the current
output file/device.

Only one output file/device can be selected at a time.
When using an output file the results are accumulated and the user
may later scan the file by a SHOW <file spc> operation and load
parts of the results to the edit field for editing and final printout.
The current contents of the output file is cleared by command /DELRES .
  C = More information on output control 

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