SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

TRIM L1,L2,C (alternative form T L1,L2,C)
makes up the lines L1-L2 using the line width C. The words will not
be splitted (use T3 or TRIM3 for that purpose).
When new lines are needed, they will be automatically inserted and,
on the other hand, unnecessary lines will be deleted.
After TRIM only one space if left between the 'words' and the right
edge is not necessarily aligned. To achieve this, use TRIM2 (=T2)
after TRIM.
The lines after an empty line and lines starting by a space will be
preserved as new lines.

See also
WORDS (command) to get a constant number of 'words' / line.

TRIM2 L1,L2,C (alternative form T2 L1,L2,C)
makes the right edge of the lines L1-L2 straight in the column position
C. The lines will be not broken or connected. Only extra spaces are
inserted when necessary to achieve equal line length C.
If the line is short for more than 6 characters, nothing will be
TRIM3 L1,L2,C (alternative form T3 L1,L2,C)
works like TRIM, but splits the words when needed according to the
rules of the Finnish language. TRIM3 operates rather satisfactorily
also in other languages.
All TRIM operations may also be written without line labels L1,L2,
i.e. in the form TRIM3 C or T3 C etc.
Then the next chapter up to the first empty line in the edit field
will be processed.
The line width C has default value 72 and may be omitted.

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