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LINEDEL offers various ways for systematic removal of lines in the
current edit field. LINEDEL does not save the edit field after
the removal; it must be done by the user if needed.

LINEDEL L1,L2 / deletes lines L1-L2.
LINEDEL L1,L2,EMPTY   / deletes empty lines from lines L1-L2.
LINEDEL L1,L2,EMPTY,k / works similarly but when n consecutive empty lines
                        are encountered, min(n,k) of them will be preserved.
                        For example, if k=1, just one empty line will left
                        in sequencies of empty lines.
LINEDEL L1,L2,<string> 
deletes lines having any of characters in <string> 
in the control column from lines L1-L2.
LINEDEL L1,L2,"<string>" / (<string> may contain shadow characters)
deletes lines containing <string> from lines L1-L2.
LINEDEL L1,L2,"<word1>","<word2>",...
deletes lines containing all the words <word1>,<word2>,...
deletes lines L1,L1+s,L1+2s,L1+3s,... from lines L1-L2.
LINEDEL / without parameters
deletes empty lines below the command line to the first non-empty line.

In all forms of LINEDEL (except in the second one "EMPTY") the deleted
lines can be saved in a selected (new) edit file by giving the
specification DEL_SAVE=<name_of_edit_file>.
This option enables making smart selections of edit lines.

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