SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

REPLACE <old_string>,<new_string> 
replaces the occurences of <old_string> by <new_string> selectively
starting from the line below the current (REPLACE) line.
The search can be restricted to an area between selected lines by LINES=L1,L2 .

If either of the strings contains spaces/or commas, put them both 
in quotation marks as in REPLACE "SURVO 84","SURVO 84C"

Also strings with shadows can be replaced as in

Always when a new occurence of <old_string> has been found, it is
replaced by <new_string> by pressing R and the search continues.
If N is pressed, no replacement happens, but the search continues.
Instructions for various decisions are displayed during the process.
At the end the number of cases found will be displayed.

REPLACE <old_string>,<new_string>,<C or N> 
does the replacement without any prompts or interrupts. If N is used
as an extra parameter, the number of replacements will also be put
in the tutstack. For example, REPLACE SURVO,SURVO,N counts the number
of words SURVO below the current line and puts it in the tutstack.

  S = More information on search facilities 

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