Plotting music in 1982 by the first Survo Editor

This video clip is a tiny excerpt from a TV program about an old Finnish professional music engraver Mr. Yrjö Juustinen. He was visiting the Department of Statistics at the University of Helsinki to see how my program was working on a drum plotter connected to a Wang 2200 minicomputer.
The TV program was produced by Anna-Kaarina Bentley in 1982 for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE.

In the program, slurs (connecting notes on the score and one appearing at the end of the clip) were drawn as generalized cycloids twice with different 'height' parameters thus making the curve thicker in the middle (according to unwritten rules of music engraving).

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

In 1979-80, when making this program for music notation on the Wang 2200 minicomputer equipped with a drum plotter, I also had to create a text editor for typing and editing the original music score converted into a special code consisting of letters, numbers and special characters.

All this was done as a hobby. I wanted to help my son Olli Mustonen in getting some of his violin compositions into a printable form. These pieces were afterwards published by the Fazer music company in the series of "New Finnish Music" (F.M. 06796-7). This publication contains also a more detailed account of the 'typesetting procedure'.
View the final musical score: Olli Mustonen: Quatrille & 6 Bagatelles for solo violin

During that process I came across an idea of using the same editor for applications related to computing and general text and data management as well.

Video clips of Olli (2 years later, taking part to a national piano competition in 1982 at the age of 15) broadcast by YLE.