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Books about Survo

Seppo Mustonen: User Guide (1992), 493 pages

Web version was published in 2009, added by comments about the newest features of Survo.

More comments will be added in the nearest future.

In Finnish:

Seppo Mustonen: Survo ja minä (Survo and I, 1996), 226 pages

Web version was published in 2009.

Seppo Mustonen: Tilastolliset monimuuttujamenetelmät (Multivariate Statistical Methods, 1995), 209 pages

Web version was published in 2004.

Kimmo Vehkalahti: Kyselytutkimuksen mittarit ja menetelmät (Measures and Methods of Survey Research, 2008), 223 pages

More publications related to Survo

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