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Seppo Mustonen (14.10.2006):
Survo Puzzles as quick games

Solving of a hard Survo Puzzle can take several hours. Now it is possible (by using Freeware version of Survo) to play a quick game where a 3 x 4 - or 4 x 4 -Survo Puzzle is solved by means of Survo in a minute or two. Thus playing a quick game is easier and cannot be compared as such to tricky Survo Puzzles.

Quick games offer another kind of challenges

The task is to solve quickly an open 3 x 4 - or 4 x 4 -Survo Puzzle offered randomly by Survo by simply clicking the mouse and collect a score of points as high as possible.

In a Survo session the quick games are found by activating a command

A partially filled 3 x 4 -puzzle is shown on the right. We have just selected the cell in the middle of the last column by clicking that cell. The selected cell appears painted in yellow.

Since it should be filled by the number 12-1-4=7, that number will be put to this place by clicking '7' in the row of small numbers above the grid. The score attained so far (163) is displayed in red in the top right corner.

Survo Puzzle as a quick game

The Survo Puzzles given randomly by Survo as quick games are always open and they have a unique solution. Of course, you may solve them without a Survo's support by putting aside mere row and column sums when the game is started and by breaking the game immediately by EXIT button. Then the task is not quite easy since the degree of difficulty for open 3 x 4 -puzzles is typically around 150 and for open 4 x 4 -puzzles more than 1000.

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