Environment for creative processing of text and numerical data

Survo and its history since 1962

1962 Initial experiments
1966 SURVO 66 Elliott 803 Elliott Autocode
1976 SURVO 76 Wang 2200 Basic interpreter
    Editorial interface 1979- 
1984 SURVO 84 Wang PC Basic interpreter
1985 SURVO 84C IBM PC C language, DOS
1997 SURVO 98 IBM PC (386+) C language, DOS/32A
2000 SURVO MM PC (Windows) C language, Win32 API
2013 SURVO R C language, R, Tcl/Tk

Photo: Seppo Mustonen using Elliott in 1961.

Many people may think that in this picture Seppo is sitting at a small desktop computer. Actually that equipment is merely a 'binary' keyboard used for operating the computer. A part of the actual computer (being of the same size as a typical wardrobe cabinet) can be seen in the background.

Graph: "Origin of species", which demonstrates different shapes developing from a circle (S.Mustonen 1976). See also Survo book p. 331 and Survo Graphics gallery.
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