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Survo Puzzle (5x5 quick game) as a Java applet

A Java applet has been created for solving open 5x5 Survo Puzzles as a quick game.

You are welcome to send your achievements (image files of game windows) to seppo.mustonen'at'survo.fi

Best results will be presented on these pages.

More information is given below and you can start playing here.

In order to play this game you must have Java Virtual Machine installed in your computer.

General information about Java applets

When you start the game, an open randomly selected, 5x5 -Survo Puzzle (like the following one) will displayed in the window of your browser:

5x5 -Survo Puzzle

If "Java Console" overlaps the game window, you can close the console.

During the game you just move the mouse and click various targets. The game can be interrupted and restarted by clicking the red square in the bottom right corner.

Your task is to fill the 5x5 -table by numbers 1,2,...,25 as quickly as possible so that the row and column sums of the numbers are equal to values given on the borders of the table. Always, at first, you have to select a cell in the table where to put the next number. By clicking that cell it will be painted in yellow. Then the number you want to put in that cell is picked by clicking a cell containing that number in red. If you have selected a correct number, it will be placed in the yellow cell and the score (displayed in red above the table) grows. If your choice is not correct, the score is decreased and an interval of two tones will be heard. This musical interval gives a clue for the right number and you can improve your selection on this basis.

The score is also reduced by one unit in a second. So you have to be quick and smart in your decisions.

The main goal in this game is to collect a score as high as you can.

The next snapshots describe various stages of the game:

Stage 2 Stage 3

Stage 4 Stage 5

Stage 6 Stage 7

The final stage (after all the 25 numbers have found their places) can be seen in the last picture. It gives the final score (2104) and the time elapsed (330 in gray in the left upper corner). The small blue numbers in cells tell in which order the numbers have been placed. In this case that order has been 3,25,9,8,2,6,19,15,...,20,11. The small gray numbers in cells indicate the error between the correct number and the first guess (or the sum of of such errors if the correct number is not found directly after the first guess). For example, the first number 3 if found obviously after two guesses (1 and 2) since the error is 3=2+1.

The blue line at the bottom gives date/time and a check code where the score (here 2104) and the style of the game are hidden.

There are two styles. The first one based on sound signals was described above. In the second style the error in each incorrect choice is displayed as a gray integer in the left upper corner of the game window. This easier style (good when learning to play) is selected by clicking the left upper corner of the game window before starting the game.

In the latter case the game can be played in a silent mode by clicking the right upper corner of the game window.

Only results achieved in the first style (guidance by plain sound signals) will be reported on this page.

A procedure for saving results as image files is described in connection with the game.

Start the game

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