Seppo Mustonen : Programming Survo in C

Functions in library SURVO.LIB


int write_string(x,len,shadow,row,col)
char *x;       /* string to be written */
int len;       /* max # of bytes to be written */
char shadow;   /* shadow (attribute) character */
int row,col;   /* row and column of first character */

The write_string function displays the len first bytes of x using the attribute given by shadow and starting from position (row,col).

Return Value

There is no return value.

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A message for the user on the bottom line of the screen is produced typically by:

write_string(space,c3+8,' ',r3+2,1);           /* Erase bottom line r3+2 */
write_string("Press any key!",14,'1',r3+2,1);  /* Give message in 'red' */

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