Seppo Mustonen : Programming Survo in C

Functions in library SURVO.LIB

init_remarks, rem_pr, wait_remarks

int init_remarks()

int rem_pr(string)
char *string;     /* output line */

int wait_remarks(type)
int type;         /* type of prompt */

These functions are to be used in supplementary SURVO 84C modules not reported in the inquiry system. Substantially, these functions emulate the behaviour of the inquiry system of SURVO 84C. They are called when the user has activated the operation with insufficient parameters.

The init_remarks function initializes a temporary window for remarks to be printed on consecutive lines, possibly on several pages.

The rem_pr function prints one line of remarks given as string.

The wait_remarks function halts the display temporarily and gives two kinds of prompts according to type.

If type=1, the prompt is

   Next page by 'space'  |   Load lines by '+'  |  Interrupt by ENTER!
If type=2, the prompt is
   Load lines by '+'  |  Interrupt by ENTER!
Thus wait_remarks(1); should be given once between pages and wait_remarks(2); after the last page.
Return Value

There are no return values.

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