Seppo Mustonen : Programming Survo in C

Functions in library SURVO.LIB


int hae_apu(s,t)
char *s;           /* keyword in SURVO.APU */
char *t;           /* value of keyword as a string */

The hae_apu function searches for the keyword s in the system file SURVO.APU which contains the values of the SURVO 84C system parameters. The value of the keyword is copied as a null-terminated string to t.

Return Value

hae_apu returns 1 if the keyword s is found and 0 otherwise.

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char value[16];
int ep4;
if (hae_apu("ep4",value)) ep4=atoi(value);

    /* replaces the default value EP4 of system parameter ep4
       by a value found in SURVO.APU in the form ep4=value. */

hae_apu does not read the file SURVO.APU itself, but rather a buffer which has been created when SURVO 84C is initialized or the SETUP command has been activated.

hae_apu is not needed very often, since most of the system parameters maintained by SURVO.APU have been read by the SURVO 84C main module and appear as global variables in any SURVO 84C module after the s_init call.

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