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Functions in library SURVO.LIB


int data_open(name,data)
char *name;       /* name of SURVO 84C data */
SURVO_DATA *data; /* pointer to data structure */

The data_open function opens the SURVO 84C data specified by name. data is a pointer to the SURVO_DATA structure. The structure type SURVO_DATA is defined in survodat.h .

SURVO 84C supports four different forms of data. Data may be located in the current edit field as a data matrix or a data list, or in a SURVO 84C data file or in a SURVO 84C matrix file. All forms of data can be accessed by data_open.

Usually, when writing SURVO 84C modules it is not necessary to know the type of the data (given by the structure member type).

is equivalent to
which means that, in case of a data file, the data is opened This is usually sufficient in statistical operations.
Return Value

data_open returns 1 if the file was succesfully opened and -1 otherwise. In the latter case an error message SURVO 84C data `name' not found! is displayed.

See Also

data_open2 data_close data_load data_alpha_load


int i;
if (i<0) return;

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