Seppo Mustonen:

Programming Survo in C

The original version of this documentation is the paper

Mustonen, S. (1989). Programming SURVO 84 in C. SURVO 84C Contributions 3. Department of Statistics, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Abstract: The SURVO 84C system can be extended without any limits by new program modules written in C. In this paper, the program structure of SURVO 84C is described. Instructions for making program modules are given. The tools developed for SURVO 84C programming are presented as C library functions.

Keywords: SURVO 84C, C language, Programming tools

Although this paper concerns the 16-bit SURVO 84C, the same principles, data structures and functions are valid when programming the 32-bit SURVO 98.
However, SURVO 98 provides much larger dimensions for the edit fields, matrices, statistical operations, etc.

  1. Introduction
  2. Survo processes
  3. Example of a Survo module
  4. Edit field
  5. Shadow lines
  6. Space allocation
  7. Include files
  8. Libraries
New information on programming the 32-bit SURVO 98

Front page of Survo

The paper was composed and written in the end of 1980's by S.Mustonen using SURVO 84C.
The original of the paper was created as a PostScript file by the PRINT operation of SURVO 84C.

The HTML version was produced ten years later by K.Vehkalahti using SURVO 98.
The HTML files were created by the PRINT operation of SURVO 98 using the original edit fields of the paper as the basis.

The 1st HTML version (7/1998) was based on frames and fonts.
The 2nd HTML version (3/1999) uses simple HTML markup and adds some style with CSS.