SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

SER operations are like VAR operations, but they offer transformations
needed in management of time series.

The general form of a SER operation is
SER <new_series>=<operation>(<old_series>,P1,P2,...Pn) TO <data> 
where <old_series> and <new_series> are variables in <data>.

If <data> is a data file (not a data matrix in the edit field),
<new_series> is created when necessary.
If a series of SER operations is activated, the extension TO <data> 
is not required when the same (current) data file is used.

   M = Moving averages (operations MA,MAE) 
   D = Differences (D) 
   C = Cumulative sums (CUM) 
   S = Moving sums and linear combinations (MS) 
   X = Examples of SER operations 
   T = More information on time series analysis 

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