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ROTATE <factor_matrix>,<#_of_factors>,L  / ROTATION=GRAPHICAL
makes graphical rotations in a Survo graphics window.
Both orthogonal and oblique rotations can be performed as a sequence of
two-dimensional rotations.
Actions can be controlled either by the mouse or by the keyboard.

   At first the orthogonal procedure is suggested and Varimax and
Quartimax criteria can be used as an aid in selection of proper
rotation angles.
   When necessary, the user can proceed to the oblique case by 'O' and
indicate the new positions of the selected axes stepwise by the mouse.
   Rotation angles are indicated by the mouse.
Rotation takes place by 'R' or by clicking by the rigth-most mouse button.
   The variables are shown as vectors (D) or as points (P) or
   by their labels (L). 'D','P', and 'L' are on/off buttons.
Next pair of axis is selected either by 'N' or by clicking the graph
in any place close to the center.
Graphical rotation is terminated by 'X' and cancelled by 'C'.

 Graphical rotation with user-defined setting of options
 O,P,L,D described on the previous page.
 ROTATION=GRAPHICAL,LD is the default setting.

Options according to principles suggested by Lauri Tarkkonen:
FSHOW=<matrix_file> gives a vector indicating which variables will
be visible (value 1) and which will be invisible (value 0) in displays
of the factor space. This feature makes displays clearer when the
number of variables is high.
EXTERNAL=<matrix_file> gives loadings of external variables to be
shown (in gray) in displays. Showing of external variables helps
the user in selecting rotations to directions given by this extra
A setup including these options can be created by /EXTFACTA. See

  1 = More information about ROTATE 

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