SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

/X2 <frequency_table>                         / L.Tarkkonen & K.Vehkalahti
computes the chi square test statistics and associated matrices
from a two-dimensional frequency table defined in the edit field, and
writes the essential results in the edit field below the command line.
The following matrices are computed and saved in the current data path:

  X2F.M    /   The original table in matrix form
  X2E.M    /   Expected frequencies
  X2FM.M   /   Observed frequencies with marginals
  X2EM.M   /   Expected frequencies with marginals
  X2CM.M   /   Contributions to chi square with marginals

The matrices with the marginal sums are loaded into the edit field using
the LOADM operation with suitable formats.

  S = More information on statistical tests 

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