SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

FILE SHOW <data_file> 
is an overall tool for scanning and editing of Survo data files.
The file will be shown on the screen so that each record takes one
line. In the traditional 24 line mode, 21 consecutive records are shown
simultaneously. When more space is reserved for the main window by
the RESIZE command, the number of records and cases shown simultaneously
is correspongingly greater.
The active fields are displayed as columns.
There are no limitations for number of fields and records.
Records (lines) can be scrolled by PgDn, PgUp, ArrowUp, ArrowDn and
fields (columns) by TAB, END and HOME keys.
To get permission for editing of data values, F3 must be pressed once.
Most of the keys have the same tasks as in the edit field. However,
the functions of INSERT, DELETE and ctrl-END (erase) are limited to
the current field.

Special features of FILE SHOW:
  1 = Formats and limits of the fields 
  2 = Inserting and deleting single records. 
  3 = Marking blocks of records for moving, deleting, etc. 
  4 = Copying records and fields 
  5 = Search facilities 
  6 = Sound effects (not available in SURVO MM, but see PLAY? DATA) 
  7 = Other specialities 
  8 = Summary of key codes 
  9 = Predefined options 
  A = Displaying long string fields 
  D = More information on data management 

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