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MINSTAT <data>,L
computes basic statistics of active variables for selected observations
and lists the results in a tabular form

Variable   mean      stddev          N  minimum   maximum

Furthermore the table of results is saved as a matrix file STAT.M
in the current data path.

By giving specification JITTER=<integer> the table as well as the matrix
file STAT.M is extended by two extra columns '#val' and 'jitter'
giving the number of distinct values of each variable when that number
does not exceed <integer>. Otherwise '#val' is set 0.
'jitter' is computed as ('maximum'-'minimum')/('#val'-1) giving
suitable jitter steps for XJITTER and YJITTER specifications
in scatter plots (See SCAT?).
                                       See an example on the next page!

 Height Weight
 174     61
 171     60
 171     60
 171     64
 173     60
 173     60
 170     60
 173     61
 171     62

Basic statistics of data TEST2 N=9
Variable   mean      stddev          N  minimum   maximum   #val  jitter
 Height    171.8889  1.364225        9  170.0000  174.0000     4  1.3333
 Weight    60.88889  1.364225        9  60.00000  64.00000     4  1.3333


  S = More information on basic statistics 

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