SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

FILL=<density>,<init.val.>,<fin.val.>,<base val. or var.>,<line_type> 
(in PLOT operation for time series) draws line segments parallel to Y
axis from the points on the time series curve to another time series
<base variable> or to a fixed <base value>.
<base val. or var.> is optional and default is 0.
The area to be filled by these line segments is limited by the optional
parameters <initial value>,<final value> given as indices 1,2,...,N 
of the observations. Default is the whole plotting range.

<density> (an integer 1,2,3...) gives the gap between the
consecutive fill lines as a multiple of the plotting unit.
<line_type> (optional) gives the form of the line for the <base variable>.
Possible values of <line_type> are 1,2,3,4,5 (default 1) and their
interpretation is same as that of the first parameter (line type) of
the LINE specification.

Example: PLOT TDATA1,TIME(Year),Ser1 /   FILL=4,1,35,Trend1
plots Ser1 and fills the area between Ser1 and Trend1 for the first
35 observations. The gap between fill lines is 4 plotting units.

(in PLOT operation for time series on plotter only) supports the FILL
specification by giving the possibility to fill the negative parts
between the series to be plotted by using another density (color).
If FILL- is not given, filling takes place according to FILL
for both positive and negative parts.

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