SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

TYPE specifies the type of the chart in the PLOT operation.
Default is TYPE=HBAR (horizontal bar chart).
Other types are:
TYPE=VBAR    (vertical bar chart)
TYPE=%HBAR   (horizontal bar chart in percentages)
TYPE=%VBAR   (vertical bar chart in percentages)
TYPE=MHBAR   (multiple horizontal bar chart)
TYPE=MVBAR   (multiple vertical bar chart)
TYPE=%MHBAR  (multiple horizontal bar chart in percentages)
TYPE=%MVBAR  (multiple vertical bar chart in percentages)
TYPE=%AHBAR  (as %HBAR but with areas equal to absolute size)
TYPE=%AVBAR  (as %VBAR but with areas equal to absolute size)
TYPE=NHBAR   (as HBAR but negative bars are stacked to the left)
TYPE=NVBAR   (as VBAR but negative bars are stacked downwards)
TYPE=PYRAMID (age pyramids etc.)
TYPE=PIE     (multiple pie chart, total area proportional to column sum)
TYPE=%PIE    (multiple pie chart, total area constant)

  E = Examples 
  M = Mean-deviation plots in attitude surveys 
  P = More information on plotting 

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