SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Control commands for Survo graphics windows:

Each graphics window of SURVO MM can be freely moved, resized, minimized
maximized, and deleted by the mouse.
Modifications can be done also by special GPLOT control commands.
These are useful tools especially when making graphical applications
of Survo as sucros.

closes all existing SURVO MM graphics windows.
GPLOT /DEL <integer> 
closes the window having the given number in its title bar.
GPLOT /SHOW MIN <integer> 
minimizes the given Survo graphics window.
restores the window to its earlier size and position (after /SHOW MIN)
GPLOT /SHOW MAX <integer> 
maximizes the given Survo graphics window. In sucros use WIN MIN to
to overlap the main window (edit field) by the picture.

Control commands for Survo graphics windows: (continued)

GPLOT /NEXT <integer> 
selects the next graphics window to be the one with the order <integer> 
in the current layout.
selects the previous graphics window for the next graph. This command
(with IN- and OUTFILE specifications) provides a simple way for
making overlay graphics (in sucros).
GPLOT /FIX <integer> 
selects a fixed graphics window with order <integer> for all subsequent graphs.
This command is helpful in the same way as GPLOT /PREV.
GPLOT /DEL ALL and GPLOT /NEXT <integer> commands cancel the /FIX setting.
tells the number of the next graphics window to be used by typing that
number after the command. Again useful feature in sucros and in connection
with GPLOT /FIX <integer>, for example.

GPLOT /FIRST <integer> 
limits rotation of graphics windows. For example, if # of windows
(according the current layout) is 8 and GPLOT /FIRST 5 is activated,
the windows of subsequent GPLOT's will be rotating according to sequence
5,6,7,8,5,6,7,8,5,6,7,8,... thus leaving windows 1,2,3,4 intact.

  G = More information on GPLOT 
  P = More information on plotting in general 

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