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The initial logical size of a graphics window is given by the keyword
'videomode' in the system file SURVO.APU.
videomode=<width>,<height>  (for example, videomode=1000,1000)
gives the default size of graphics windows in logical units.
In order to provide compatibility with earlier Survo versions, following
shorthand notations are available:
videomode=EGA  is the same as videomode=480,350 .
Similarly VGA corresponds to 600,480, CGA to 320,200, SVGA to 800,600,
and XRES to 1024,768.
To quarantee the best possible compatibility with PostScript graphics
it is worthwhile to use a new alternative videomode=PS
where parameters <width> and <height> are chosen according to the SIZE
specification. Then also certain other attributes of the graph (like
font sizes) are transformed in such way that the picture corresponds
closely to PostScript version of the same plotting scheme.

  G = More information on GPLOT 
  P = More information on plotting in general 

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