SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Plotting on the screen:

Use GPLOT (instead of PLOT) as the operation word. When a GPLOT
operation is activated, the plot will be generated in its own window
and it is also saved as an enhanced metafile (.EMF).

The number, sizes and locations of simultaneous graphics windows
are selected by a GPLOT /LAYOUT command.
For example, if the number of permitted graphics windows is 3,
the 4th graph will close window #1, 5th graph will close window #2, etc.

All graphics windows of SURVO MM can be freely moved, resized, minimized,
maximized, and deleted by using the mouse.

The Survo device driver defining the various control words
to be used in the GPLOT operation is selected by the keyword
'crt_dev' in SURVO.APU (See CRTDEV?)

  G = More information on GPLOT 
  P = More information on plotting in general 

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