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The Survo PostScript driver and the PRINT/PLOT operations support
the CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) four color model.
The same color options can be used also in screen plotting since
[color(C,M,Y,K)] control code is available in GPLOT (from ver. 2.18).
In GPLOT, CMYK codes are converted to the RGB system (see COLORSYS?)

The fundamental control code for text and line colors is
   [color(C,M,Y,K)] where the parameters are in the interval (0,1)
and give the intensities of the color components. 1 means full color.
Certain basic colors are readily defined by means of this code in
PS.DEV (and in CRT16.DEV for GPLOT). For example, in PS.DEV we have
   define [GREEN] [color(1,0,1,0)]
For other predefined colors, see PS.DEV (or CRT16.DEV in GPLOT).
Example:  HEADER=[Swiss(24)][RED],Sample_of_100_observations

A color chart of various CMYK colors is obtained as a PostScript file
by activating the sucro command

Fills in the SHADING specification can be extended to (additional)
colors by using negative SHADING values -1,-2,-3,...
Each of them must be specified by a specification of the form
   FILL(-i)=C,M,Y,K    (obsolete form [FILL-i]=C,M,Y,K)
where i=-1,-2,-3,.. and C,M,Y,K are intensities from 0 to 1.
These negative fill values are also available in FRAMES specifications.

A new better alternative is to use COLOR(n) specifications instead of
FILL(-n). (Example on the next page)

   Color C1 C2 C3 C4
   _      1  1  1  1

   COLOR(1)=0,0,0,0 COLOR(2)=1,0,0,0 COLOR(3)=0,1,1,0 COLOR(4)=1,1,1,1
   SIZE=1000,1000 XDIV=150,700,150 YDIV=150,700,150
   FRAMES=F F=100,100,800,800,5 COLOR(5)=0,0.4,0.7,0
To provide compatibility with monochromatic PostScript devices,
the SHADING values from 0 to 9  (or from 0 to <shademax> given
by SHADEMAX=<shademax>) still give various intensities of gray
from white to black (in PLOT)
provided that no COLOR(n) specifications are given.

In plotting families of curves, the COLOR_CHANGE specification is
available as in GPLOT (see COLORCH?)
The various colors are selected by COLOR(n) specifications,

  P = More information on PostScript printing/plotting 

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