SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

Soft keys:
'soft_keys' (in SURVO.APU)
defines the edit field and the list of default soft keys (buttons)
appearing below the SURVO MM main window.
Typical setting is
where the two first parameters refer to the Finnish version and two
last to the English version of soft buttons.
The edit fields (SUR_SOFT,SUR-SOFT) are in the SURVO MM main program
directory (<Survo>\U) and the various lists of soft buttons (as A above)
are defined in these edit fields. More information is found by studying
During the Survo session, rows of visible soft buttons can be changed by
SOFTKEYS <edit_field>,<name_of_list> 
command. This command is typically activated by sucros controlling
soft button applications.
In certain applications the soft buttons may become invisible.
To refresh the original setting defined by 'soft_keys' in SURVO.APU,
press the alt-F1 key or activate SOFTKEYS (without parameters).
(F2 alt-F1 makes the soft buttons invisible).

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