SURVO MM Help System (web edition)

F2 M J  (Sucro /J)
starts a search for a string of characters (word, phrase, web address,
etc.) which should be inserted in the current position of the current
edit field.
The search takes place in a temporarily opened edit field (KEYWORDS
by default) where a list of keywords is displayed in the form

MARY      supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 
PI        3.141592653589793
COURIER   [Courier(10)][line_spacing(10)][left_margin(5)]

The user is prompted to start typing a keyword. When the cursor points
at the sought keyword and ENTER is pressed, the string located to the
right of the keyword will be caught, the original display of the
edit field is restored and the string is typed to the current position.

F2 M J  (Sucro /J) continued

The edit file for the keywords can be renamed by a line of the form
in SURVO.APU. This edit file must be located in the default data path
of Survo.
Sucro /J employs the function the SEARCH (alt-F5) key.
Thus during the search only keys of consecutive letters of the search
key are to be pressed until the correct line is encountered and
ENTER is pressed.
If the keyword does not exist, the original edit field is restored.
The edit file of keywords can be edited and extended by new keywords
by normal means of Survo.

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