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Jumping by activating lines starting with `-'  
By activating a line of the form
  - Supercalifragilisticexplialidocious thing 
i.e. an isolated `-' followed by certain words, the editor tries to
find those words primarily below the current line and secondarily
from the beginning of the edit field. If no such words are found,
nothing happens. Otherwise the cursor is moved to the new line
containing those words.
If the new line is similar to the original one, activation of it
leads back to that original line provided that there are no other
similar strings in other parts of the edit field.

This is the fastest way, for example, to accomplish links between an
index of the form
   - Introduction
   - Chapter 1
   - Chapter 2
   - ...
and corresponding titles in a document written in the edit field.

  C = More information on control operations 

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