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prints the lines L1-L2 of the current edit field on a PostScript printer.
There are alternative forms of PRINT for redirecting the output either
to a PostScript file or to any (non-PostScript) Windows printer.
Line numbers and the control column are not printed.
Lines are usually printed as they appear in the edit field and various
display modes (shadow characters) correspond to certain printing
modes of the printer.
Lines with a '-' in the control are not printed, but are providing various
control information for printing. For example, a line of the form
      11 - chapter A in FILE3
specifies a chapter A from the edit file FILE3 to be printed.
Control lines of various type enable printing of multipage
reports with page numbers and headers.
Also pictures made with the PLOT operation can be automatically
See also pages 337-359 (Bookmark PRINT) in 
  1 = Alternative forms of PRINT 
  2 = PostScript printers 
  3 = Control information in the PRINT operation 

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